Defend your space

Virus Inactivation system for any environment

Defend your NEW NORMAL lifestyle with E4SHIELD, the innovative hi-tech air protection system that instantly disables the virus around you. Available in wearable and wall fixed version. Find out more: takes just one tap.

Towards a new normal

Our “normal”, rediscovered everyday life is not just a return to previous habits because after the pandemic we need a new, solid certainty: how to promptly respond to any new viral attack with an effective counter-action tool. This solution exists and is already available.
Laboratory tested against SARS-CoV 2 virus and its variants Wuhan, Delta and Omicron
Programmable in the future in case of new threats
Unique in the world
CE and SAR Certification
An international patent for industrial invention has been filed
Made in Italy
Based on a military technology

How it works

The electromagnetic signal emitted through an internal antenna inactivates viral agents.
The electromagnetic wave instantly destroys the external shell of the virus.
The virus is inactivated.
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In and outdoor protection shields

E4SHIELD is available in either a portable or fixed version. It’s based on an extraordinary scientific evidence: electromagnetic waves, harmless to humans, nullify viral particles in bioareosols, including droplets up to 10 microns.

E4SHIELD Personal
Safe, wherever we are
E4Shield creates an effective virus inactivation system with a range of action up to 3 meters and it can be comfortably worn as a pendant or applied to the belt or pocket. This small and portable device houses a technologically advanced processor that manages times, frequencies and battery status, the latter long-lasting and rechargeable thanks to a common USB-Type C socket. E4SHIELD is made in Italy.
  • DIMENSIONS 8,5x8.5x2,2 cm
  • RANGE Up to 3 m
  • BATTERY LIFE 4 hrs
  • WEIGHT 100 g
  • APPLICATION Portable (neck, belt, pocket)

A “very personal effect” effective in our living space

E4SHIELD, applied with a clip at the waist or to a pocket or worn as a neck pendant, is a must-have device even when moving outdoor. Stationary or in motion, E4SHIELD generates an effective inactivation of the virus up to 3 meters around the individual. Greater than the imposed distance during the pandemic.

Wall fixed
Inactivation of the virus in every environment
Easily wall-fixable, removable if necessary, it generates broad coverage waves (up to 50 sqm) through indoor environments. By placing several devices side by side, it is possible to utilize it within any environment: our houses, any office or space, both public and private. Powered by rechargeable batteries with USB-Type C charger, E4SHIELD 50 is produced in Italy.
  • DIMENSIONS 15x15x2,5 cm
  • RANGE Up to 50 sqm
  • BATTERY LIFE 4 hrs
  • WEIGHT 500 g
  • APPLICATION Wall-for environment (removable)

Suitable for every environment

Finally free to frequent the workplace as well as . Safe even at home, thanks to the range of action with a coverage of 50 sqm guaranteed by E4SHIELD 50. A device harmless for humans, which does not require people to leave while the device is working, nor the ventilation of the premises.

It can be installed in a few minutes and activated by pressing a single button: a sophisticated military technology as easy to use as a phone
Available in fixed indoor and portable versions
Autonomy thanks to the battery rechargeable through a common USB socket
Electromagnetic waves, with a low frequency level comparable to a common wi-fi device’s, are harmless to humans and allow inactivation of the virus sanitization in the presence of people, without need for evacuation or ventilation of the rooms
The system is based on the physical phenomenon of propagation of electromagnetic fields, with spread at the light speed
Inactivates the viral load contained in aerosol with a demonstrated efficacy in aerosol of 90%
* Tested with positive results in 90% of cases on the SARS-CoV 2 virus and its variants with over 100 tests carried out in BSL3 (Biology Security Level 3) safety laboratories.

Scientifically-tested effectiveness

  • SAR
Demonstrated inactivation of the viral load in aerosol of 90%* for virus SARS-CoV 19 and its variants WuHan, Delta, Omicron.
* This percentage was verified for an intensity of the incident Electromagnetic field lower than the legal limit for long exposure (i.e. exposure 24 hours a day) as defined by Law 22 February 2001, n. 36.
Both E4SHIELD devices obtained the CE declaration of conformity in March 2022 at the TUV SUD Italia qualified laboratories in Volpiano (TO).
The devices have both CE and SAR testing certificates.
* This percentage was verified for an intensity of the incident Electromagnetic field lower than the legal limit for long exposure (i.e. exposure 24 hours a day) as defined by Law 22 February 2001, n. 36.
Both E4SHIELD devices obtained the CE declaration of conformity in March 2022 at the TUV SUD Italia qualified laboratories in Volpiano (TO).

Scientific Partners

Luigi Sacco Hospital
It provides for the creation of a virus library functional to the future programmability of the technology for new epidemic threats.
Aerosol tests were performed at Virostatics laboratories to validate the effectiveness of the E4Shield technology which has been proven effective in over 90% of cases in aerosol. The future collaboration plans to continue scientific research to program E4Shield technology against new viral pathogens, respiratory viruses and bacteria.
Scientific Dept. of the Celio Military Hospital
Involvement in the E4Shield project. The E4Shield technology was initially tested in proof-of-concept experiments in the laboratories of the Scientific Department of the Military Polyclinic of Rome, identifying the operating range for the purposes of inactivating the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Furthermore, Celio scientific representatives have examined the results carried out at the Virostatics laboratories, ascertaining the scientific nature of the protocols used.

Innovation comes from the encounter of different know-hows

E4SHIELD was born from the synergy of two international excellences. Elettronica, at the forefront of electronic defense systems and Lendlease, a leading company in large, urban regeneration works. A constructive union of forces and resources that takes shape in a project with a common goal: to provide humanity with a technological solution to improve quality of life.

elettronica group
For over 70 years, Elettronica has been a global leader in electronic Defense systems developing and in the management of the electromagnetic spectrum and it collaborates with more than 30 countries around the world and supplied more than 3000 safety systems for the protection of platforms and crews in any environment, including cyber and space. Part of the group are:
▪ ELT GMBH, specialized in homeland security;
▪ Cy4Gate, specialized in cyber security and cyber intelligence;
▪ EltHub, company specialized in research, innovation, fast prototyping.
Furthermore, it is currently the only Defense company that obtained the coveted certification Great Place to work, Best Workplaces in Italy and Europe.
Lendlease is an Australian construction company, leader in the urban regeneration of entire districts through the construction of hospitals or sports arenas. Especially active in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and South East Asia, it carried out projects such as the World Trade Center in New York, the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Elephant Park in London, the MIND and the Santa Giulia district in Milan. Lendlease pursues a new model of innovation that leverages the sharing of know-how between companies and environmental sustainability (it will be carbon neutral by 2030).